Saturday, May 23, 2015

Aveces me pregunto porque existo. No tengo amigos. No se que hacer con mi vida. Estoy sola en esta carcel. Quiseira mejor no existir.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Uno de esos dias en que te sientes ue no vales la pena. Siento que desperdicio mi tiempo en tonterias. Que no vivo. Me la paso encerrada y fuera del sol. Viviendo alimentandome de ideas falsas y de un monitor. Necesito un tiempo para salir y no pensar en nada. Para cambiar esta negatividad y el hoyo negro que me traga. Cuando me siento asi miles de cosas llegan a mi mente. Que no sirves para nada. Te sientes estancada. No puedo lograr metas propias. No tengo fuerza de voluntad. No tengo trabajo ni profesion. Y no hago nada de eso diploma que me esforze en sacar. Crei que eso era lo que me hacia feliz y no lo es. Pense que era diferente y mi cabeza estaba llena de ideas. Y ahora me encuentro vacia y queriendo gritar. Porque aun no encuentro mi viz. aun no se en lo que soy la mejor. Y eso me estresa demasiado. Talvez nunca encuentre mi destino. Y talvez muera con la idea de que debi haber hecho algo pero no hize nada.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Sometimes staying positive feels so hard when you are lonely or when you don't have a lot of persons to rely on. I find everyday power to fight agains the negative comments in my mind that tell me you are not good enough or the feelings that don't let me be happy. Everyday is a little fight in your head to decide weather you stay positive or go negative and just ruin your day. It's is hard to see other people do what you wish you could do and not feel a slight jealousy but still I go ahead and brush off al the bad thoughts cause I don't deserve it. I want to be happy and feel healthy in mind, body and heart.I get mad at people that do things that they know I would love to do but they are selfish and care about only themselves and they don't think about you to invite you to do stuff. That fact is the hardest thing I try to fight: the anger I feel about other people being selfish but oh well. When you care about someone you always think of them first. Or at least I'm like that. But not anyone is like tht and I try to fight that thought eveyday and stay positive and keep going to be a better version of me.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

My tattoos

Hi! the other day someone asked me about my tattoos and how many I had. I usually forget I even have them cause I put them in places I don't see them directly, which was one of the reasons I chose that place so I wouldn't get bored with them. Anyways here are my tattoos and a brief explanation about them. 

The first picture shows a little heart I have for my best friend. It was my 2nd tattoo and it hurt a little bit not much.

The second picture is an arrow. My 3rd tattoo. It means that even if you give a step backwards you always shoot forward. I chose it for the mistakes I did in the past.

My 4th tattoo is a world map. It is for my desire to travel the world. 

My 1st tattoo is 'I Love You' in Swedish and I got it for my husband. 

And my last and 5th tattoo is little icons that represent different things in my life. 

1. Harry Potter
2. Yin yan for my bff
3. My love for music
4. Dog paw is for me being 7 years a vegetarian
5. Japanese kanji meaning family for my family
6. Clover for my bff and her family is like my second family and I'm happy to have found them.

And well, that was it. At the beginning, I didn't wanted nor liked tattoos and still some I don't like but I thought about every and each one of the ones I have very carefully. My parents and family kind of didn't approve but at the end my mom went with me when I did my first tattoo just to see how much it was going to hurt me since I am really sensitive jaja. My dad and rest of my family still don't like them much but at the end is my choice and they accept it. Sometimes they call me gangster or chola haha but it's ok, I don't care. I like them and that is what matters. If you are thinking about getting one, think very carefully about everything: place, and meaning so you don't regret them lather on in life. They do hurt as well and the bigger and more colorful the more pain but after the first tattoo and after you had experience the pain you won't mind the others. I didn't wanted to be a long post just felt like sharing for those friends that were wondering. Thanks for reading. Bye!!!

Monday, March 9, 2015


Hoy tengo muchos sentimientos encontrados. Eh estado muy feliz ultimamente, no eh llorado, no me eh deprimido. Aunque al mismo tiempo si me eh sentido un poco abajo debido a mi ex, mejor amigo que nisiquiera se molesta en mandarme un mensaje en como estoy. La verdad soy yo la que  siempre le manda mensajes y saluda pero es cansado sentirse que no le importas a nadie. Oh a los que pensabas importarle. Pero poes bueno yo fui la que despues de un mes que el no me mando nada le mande un mensaje y ahora despues de 4 dias en que no me manda a saludar yo me siento como mal por lo mismo. Peri ya no quiero ser yo la que empieze la conversacion. Siempre soy yo y ya no quiero. Si te importa alguien se lo demuestras pero tambien si no hay respuesta uno se decepsiona y cansa. 

Sunday, March 1, 2015

My store on society6

Finally I opened my store! being planning it for a little while now and today was the day, Be sure to check it out for original artworks from me and other things!

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Woke up

Today I came to the realization that I am really happy right now! finally I can say that after sometime being really sad and depressed I feel very good at the moment. And if that isn't the point of life then I don't know what it is.

It has been a long way I worked really hard on high school without noticing, getting admitted to university but deciding to go to community college first. I used to work and go to school and was always very busy and stressed but that always made me feel better and productive. I was very independent and brought my car and other things I wanted with my own sweat. I finally got to university and finished it and was very lucky to never had paid money for tuiton but instead got many scholarships to complete my dream. As I stated before I worked and studied.

I experienced a lot. I was in many groups and travelled. Volleyball, basketball, student council, honor society, art association and got to experience very much in so little time. I was thought by my mother to save money to get what I wanted and with the hard work of a part time job I got enough money through the years to travel to Disneyland, Monterrey, Guadalajara and Riviera Nayarita, London, and Cancun. I dont even know how I did it till now but I always persevered.

I married to the best person ever. I am very happy to say I founf an amazing guy that trully loves me and shows it everyway he cans and I couldn't ask for more cause what else do I need. Finally, we moved to Sweden where I have plans on my own and have an amazing family with two crazy dogs and a guy. After being 7 years of being vegetarian I finally found my healthy way of eating balanced and currently working on my health and body. And have many more exciting things coming up.

Life is an adventure and I am very happy about my past, my present and excited about my future.