Friday, January 2, 2015


Y los dias que pasaron se sienten tan falsos.
Memorias que se olvidan completamente y despues llegan sin pensarlo hacia el tu frente.
Situaciones que pasaron hace anios cuando no veias el futuro. Cuando no tenias idea de nada y eras inoncente. Recuerdo mis diaas de preparatoria como recuerdo mis dias de ninez. Recuerdo lo que hacia en la primaria como recuerdo lo que hacia en el vientre. En pocas palabras: no recuerdo nada. Sera que cuando no pensamos en ellose olvida o sera que blqueamos todos los momentos qe no son tan importantes. Creo que los substituimos por otros recuerdos que en este momento nos llenan de alegria o tristeza. porque cada dia que crecemos nos damos cuenta que aquel no era el mejor dia de mi vida. Oh que aquel no fue la peor decepcion, el mas horrible fracaso, o el dolor mas grande del mundo. Cada dia ganamos tantas experiencias nuevas e importantes que tal vez borramos las de menor uso e inutiles. Para que quiero recordar el primer dia de escuela otra vez? o el beso de antier? Mejor guardamos las que consideramos adequadas. Oh esas que nos pegan mas en el pecho donde esta el corazon. Yo quiero recordar mi primer beso siempre. Esa sensacion de felicidad pura. Ese sentimiento de emocion cuando vez a tus seres queridos. para que recordar sonrisas falsas. para que recordar tiempos que no valen la pena. asi que hoy cuando me llego a la mente mientras pensaba un recuerdo de la preparatoria, lo descarte. y asi los dias se sienten falsos, porque no quiero recordar cosas del pasado que no tenian importancia. Mejor guardo en mi memoria cosas que forman como plastilina la vida que siempre eh querido tener.

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Swedish housewife

So after a year of trying to find who I was and what I wanted and who I am. I am totally sure I haven't found that yet and I am totally sure I will still be in the lookout. I have moved to Sweden finally and a resume of what my last year consisted besides depression: it was overall a good year.  I fell out and in love again. I learned about true friendship. I volunteered with animals and people and found a true calling. I tried to resume art with no much of a set goal but still tried. I was fit and gained weight again. But I believe I still got healthier. This new Year I will be better than I was last year. I made a hella lot of mistakes but I always tried to get better. Putting all this aside my resolutions this year are: 

1. Get fit and keep fit.
2. Eat vegan and try to stay that way .
3. Read more and every night before sleeping.
4. Just do art even if no goal is set.
5. Travel at least once.
6. Let go and be happy.
7. Keep contact with those I love. 
8. Make my book.

And maybe more things but this are mainly the ones I have in mind. I will try just like I have tried all this time. 

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Handbag Wishlist 2013

 1. Celine $2000

 2. Balenciaga $1600
 3. Chanel $3000
 4. Givenchy $2300
 5. Prada $1600
 7. Dolce and Gabbana $1555
 8. Louis Vuitton $1250
9. Proenza Schouler  $1695

My wishlist, if I could have money and buy all of them I would, but since I have to save money I can only afford one. Which one would you chose? I love them all, but I want one classic, that last forever, comfortable and pretty. It is so hard to choose one...

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Food postcards from Sweden

Hello I haven't write in some months but I was working so hard and finally I got my rest, as you may read from the title, I am in Sweden and I haven't been here since 2 years!! so I have been trying to eat healthier and trying to get use to the food here since I will be staying for two months. Anyway, I will be saying hi soon(:

Saturday, June 22, 2013

In my bag!

Hello! It's been forever I post something!! 
I have been working almost everyday and I graduated from UNIVERSITY! finally!! So I had been super busy. I am sorry and I will try to post more from now on.
Today I bring you one of my favorite post from all times. WHAT'S IN MY BAG?! and since I changed bags for summer I thought it was a good idea to show you. The bag I'm carrying is a Mulberry Mini Bayswater Satchel and I am in love with it.
So In my bag today is:
1. The book Macbeth
2. My agenda
3. My Juicy Couture Wallet
4. Bethsey Johnson Sunglasses
5. The Body Shop Satsuma hand sanitizer
6. Bath&Body Works Twilight Woods body spray
7. Bath&Body Capri Island Citrus body lotion
8. E.L.F. shine eraser sheets
9. Clinique lipstick
10. The Body Shop lip moistourizer
11. Eye drops
12. HK mints
13. My Coach coin purse

Saturday, June 15, 2013

I feel really sad today, I haven't written in here for months and now it's my only place to express what I feel. It's the second time I want to go to the pool and because of something, it didn't happened. I bet this person that claims to be my friend well, she rather left me waiting in the parking lot in the sun for and hour and a half than miss her other more important friend. Not even a text to tell me they were late? mmm how a disappointment, but what can I expect from people I see once every 2 months.Now again I find myself alone on a free from work Saturday, not doing anything which pisses me off. And I'm done over bad friends, I am coming back to my few friends that I know are going to be there for me.